Who we are

Thawd helps you find things to do in the next 3 to 72 hours, and matches you up with other awesome people to go out and have fun with. Sign up for activities by yourself, bring along some friends, or go with your partner, and other Thawd users will join in to make the perfect group for your next good time.

Thawd is coming to Seattle soon, sign up to be the first to help melt the freeze.

Find out when we come to you

Explore the city, life, and people around you, in a whole new way. Spontaneous, fun, interesting, it’s for┬áthose who want to leave the confines of the digital world.

Your information is safe with us, you’ll get a message when our Seattle launch is ready, and if you don’t say anything, you’ll never hear from us again.


Created in Seattle, by people from Seattle, Thawd is here to help people make friends and be more involved in their community.

After telling us a bit about yourself, we’ll find other people we think you’ll enjoy hanging out with. We don’t promise you’ll meet your new best friend, at least right away, but we want to help you go out and have fun, whenever you want to.

Most importantly, Thawd is spontaneous. Find yourself finishing up shopping in Fremont and dinner time is coming up? Pick a place and we’ll get a group together for food. Babysitter call in and say they are available tonight? Thawd lets you and your partner go out and meet with other couples.

At first, Thawd is going to support meeting up for dinner. We will expand to other events and activities as time goes by. (If you are a local business owner and you want to get involved, please let us know.)

Thawd is launching soon, and we want you to join us in melting the Seattle freeze.